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Daigle Reunion 2004
     The Daigle reunion in Halifax, Nova Scotia held on Aug. 8, 2004 in conjunction with Congres Mondial Acadien 2004 can now be spoken of in the past tense and quite a reunion it was.  Of particular interest, and probably the highlight of the Daigle gathering, was a visit to the site of the original property of ancestor Olivier Daigre.  Mark Roberson and Marie-Josee Rosconi presently have a beautiful home located on 2 acres of the original property.   At the reunion, which took place on the beautiful campus of Mount St. Vincent University, a presentation on the history of this land was made by this couple as well as, a presentation by a family member who sailed from LeHavre, France, a discussion of the Jean Daigre family line, instructions and demonstrations of Cajun dancing, and an interesting address by Alvin Daigle of the New Brunswick Daigle Association.  Carol Aucoin, the Cajun philosopher and humorist, gave a presentation that brought tears and laughter, sometimes simultaneously, from all who attended.  She compared the preparation of the Cajun dish, gumbo, to the deportation and eventual evolution of the current Acadian and "Cajun" people.

     Over 200 people were in attendance at the reunion.  We were very pleased with this turnout since preparation and planning was rather difficult because of the distance between Louisiana and Nova Scotia.  Thanks to the officers and members of Association de la Famille Daigle and Marcel Daigle, our representative in Nova Scotia,  for all the hard work during the planning stages.

     More information on the reunion can be found in our quarterly publication, "The Eagle's Wings".  To receive this publication please consider becoming a member.  Also you may click here to view an article in the Halifax Herald.

     Click here to view photos from the gathering on the Daigle land, the reunion, and some of the sites visited in Grand Pre.

     The next Daigle reunion, in conjunction with Congres Mondial Acadien, will be in New Brunswick in 2009 in early August.  This web site will keep you updated on this as plans develop.